Mentor4Talent kick-off 2024 - 2025 at Twynstra GuddeMay 2024 – This year 25 couples join the Mentor4Talent program 2024-2025!
After intakes with all participants, we made a match between a mentor from one company to a mentee from another company. We are very excited to speak with so many talented and ambitious female (potential) leaders.

The mentoring journeys from last year and other years learn that mentoring can have a great impact on the career of female talents at one hand and bring external insights and learnings to both mentors and mentees at the other hand.

This year as well we have mentees from earlier years that pay it forward as a mentor this coming year.

It was a great pleasure to meet the mentors and mentees at the live kick-off at Twynstra Gudde. We enjoyed a warm welcome and together we explored our Leadership Signatures.

At a certain moment in your career, it’s not enough to keep focusing on the content of your job to grow further. You need to develop your personal and leadership skills and women need female role models that show you can do it! Mentoring can have a great impact on the career of female leaders.
As from today participants can start their mentoring journeys and the meeting today will definitely be a kick-start to inspirational journeys!

Thanks to Zenzi Pluut, Martine de Jong, Aniek Janssen and Karlien Douma for the warm welcome and your great guidance to explore our leadership signatures.
Mentees received a copy of Annette’s book Topvrouw in 7 Stappen – Jouw weg naar de Boardroom, which will be a good guidance for their mentoring journey this year to come.

We start the Mentor4Talent program every year in May. Please follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated and be inspired!

Mentor4Talent kick-off Leadership Signatures - mentoring