Mentor4Talent – Monique van den Boogaard en Fannie Cobben

Annette Onrust2022-05-23T15:45:04+00:00

Fannie Cobben and Monique van den Boogaard are matched as mentee and mentor in this years' Mentor4Talent programme 2021-2022 and share their experiences about their mentoring journey. My name is Fannie Cobben, I live in Haarlem with my partner and our two sons. I work at Statistics Netherlands, and have done so for basically my whole working life. Since 2020 I’m in my first management position, as Head of Labour Market Statistics. I was really honored to be asked to participate in the program by Sylvia (Kok-de Vries, one of the Topvrouwen). I am always open to opportunities to learn and [...]

Mentor4Talent – Monique van den Boogaard en Fannie CobbenAnnette Onrust2022-05-23T15:45:04+00:00

Fiona Lake about Mentor4Talent and her new assignment in Qatar

Annette Onrust2021-12-15T16:13:51+00:00

Fiona Lake will start a new challenging assignment for Shell in a male dominated area and country, Qatar, as from January 2022. She is mentee in the Mentor4Talent 2021-2022 program and in this interview she talks about her new role and her mentoring journey with her mentor Suzanne Wigchert. Suzanne is Associate Director Regulatory Strategy at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Annette: Why did you apply for the Mentor4Talent program?   Fiona: The reason I applied for this program was that I wanted to have a mentor outside of Shell as you can have more candid discussions. You can ask the questions you feel [...]

Fiona Lake about Mentor4Talent and her new assignment in QatarAnnette Onrust2021-12-15T16:13:51+00:00

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