The corona crisis has a big impact on all of us. Our lives, families, work, health, income might be effected. This can cause feelings of distress and anxiety. What can I do within my circle of influence and what can I contribute that is meaningfull in this crisis?

We can all contribute to flatten the curve of new corona infections by social distancing, voluntarily limiting physical contact with other people. By taking responsiblity I can mean something in the health of other people. However, it pushes against human beings’ fundamentel need for connection with one another. If we don’t stay connected we can await a long term mental and physical health crisis because of widespread feelings of loneliness.

Stanford professor in psychology Jamil Zaki introduces Physical Distancing and Distant Socializing to emphasize that we can stay social, even while being apart. I personally like this reframing and thanks to technology that is already in place, we can stay connected. To read more: