Miriam Boots, Head of Jacqueline Bosker and Miriam Boots - Mentor4TalentBusiness Analysis at Triodos Bank, joined the Mentor4Talent program 2023-2024.

She was matched with Jacqueline Bosker, Purchase Manager at Isala, who has been her mentor for one year.

What are their reflections on last years’ mentoring journey?

Miriam, why did you want to join the Mentor4Talent program and how did you experience it?
I was searching for more, for meaning and purpose, but I didn’t really know what I wanted and especially how to get there. Then one of my managers offered me this program. The fact that the program was all about women, gave me a feeling like I didn’t have to fight for everything alone. I thought it would give me an insight into how other women got where they are now.

I found a mentor with a lot of matches in personality and life experiences. That was very meaningful to me. I’ve always worked surrounded by mostly man, so I never had a good role model, and this program gave me that.

Miriam, what insight did it give you and what did you get out of the program?
We had a few meetings which made me realize that the people around me see something in me, that I couldn’t or wouldn’t see. My own believes were in my way. I knew my own negative believes, but I couldn’t get passed them. When I heard my mentor tell me her past experiences and the things she came across, it was really like my own experiences. And she was nothing like that image I had of myself. That could only mean that I had to alter my image of myself.

The most important thing I got out of it is real confidence in myself. I always had confidence in my knowledge and my abilities, but I missed some confidence on the inside.

Jacqueline, how did you experience the mentoring journey as mentor?
I enjoyed the valuable conversation with Miriam. Good to see how this enabled her to step out of her comfort zone and empower herself. As a mentor, I am grateful and happy to contribute to this process.

Thanks a lot Miriam and Jacqueline for sharing your reflections!
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