Executive coaching with female leaders


This is a good moment to think about your career after the crisis and to make time for personal growth and professional leadership development. Explore your next steps together with other senior female executives. Join Advancing Women in Leadership, an in-depth programme to reflect on your leadership journey. You learn how to have more impact and grow your influence as a responsible leader. You will enhance your strategic network and after the programme you will become part of a growing alumni group of female leaders. February 2021 we will start the third edition of this programme in co-operation with [...]

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Eerste virtuele bijeenkomst: leiderschap in crisistijd met Marjan van Loon


Richting geven, samenwerken en vooruit kijken. Dat zijn samengevat de drie belangrijkste lessen die Marjan van Loon, president directeur van Shell Nederland, tot nu toe uit de crisis getrokken heeft. Leiderschap in crisistijd betekent dat je heel duidelijk richting moet geven door strak sturing te geven aan je team en veel te communiceren; dat je op een manier moet samenwerken die vernieuwend is, op een creatieve manier moet kijken naar partners en samenwerking die je misschien nog niet kende en dat we vooral vooruit blijven kijken waar we heen willen naar de toekomst. Met als allerbelangrijkste: hoe wil je herinnerd worden? [...]

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Distant Socializing


The corona crisis has a big impact on all of us. Our lives, families, work, health, income might be effected. This can cause feelings of distress and anxiety. What can I do within my circle of influence and what can I contribute that is meaningfull in this crisis? We can all contribute to flatten the curve of new corona infections by social distancing, voluntarily limiting physical contact with other people. By taking responsiblity I can mean something in the health of other people. However, it pushes against human beings' fundamentel need for connection with one another. If we don't stay [...]

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